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49+ Mobile App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made 2022 Update

Thursday, March 24th 2022.

Breaking away from your word breaks the confidence your customers have and may lead to them taking their business elsewhere. Looking into the character of who your company really is will help you determine which ideas match your overall company theme. The character of your company can mostly be defined by the values the company proclaims to stand behind and the actions it actually takes. Brick and mortar companies have the privilege of interacting face to face with their customers. They get to walk up to one and strike up a friendly conversation and answer any of their questions.

Estimate says- among 2.2 million & 2.8 million apps placed on App Store and Google Play respectively, only a few are able to hit the sky. From the information above, we find that the downloading and use of mobile applications is on the way up. Therefore, it makes great sense for businesses worldwide to invest in mobile application development in 2020. There are several advantages to this, and some of them have been discussed above. Blockchain applications are the fifth and final mobile app idea on our list that businesses can develop in 2020. According to Statista, the global blockchain market will grow to $23.3 billion by 2023.

  • This type of marketplace app includes products for pets, booking pet care services, suggestions, and exploring arrivals of new products.
  • Startups can make money on this application by incorporating ads, providing delivery services, and using premium accounts to discover more items for sale.
  • Altogether, the app emerges with companionship to help users catch up with their dreams with a companion.
  • You can develop an app in the form of a platform designed to facilitate exchange processes among users who wish to barter various things like clothes, gadgets, tools, toys, etc.
  • This lucrative investment niche has yielded an astounding harvest of $9.9 billion two years ago, and this figure is likely to grow in 2022).

This will help any startup, especially when the company is more inclined towards customer interaction. Thus, we can conclude that Blockchain is the best mobile app idea start-ups or SMEs can think of. Every precaution that you take in the development process will help you gain new customers. Consider these 6 factors before heading for mobile app development.

Such an app would need to be connected to the GPS module of a mobile device. This type of application may contain options such as built-in contact with specialists, gamification elements, such as leaderboards, or tracking our pulse, breathing, etc., via IoT. We are betting that 2022 will be the year in which people will start to embrace each other and slowly return to normal life. Therefore, a fitness app with which the user could exercise their physical form at home is a great idea. Plus, if the pandemic returns, the app will have a chance to stand out even more. IoT is a solution that is a component of the next technological revolution – Industry 4.0 and its well-thought-out implementation in the health application is an idea worth considering.

Cryptocurrency Trading App

We all know that dread feeling when we see an emergency alert on our phones. However, what if there was an app that could send you an emergency notification before the official alert? This app would use your location to notify you if there was an emergency in your area. Get opportunity to work with India’s top 2% developers & coders who have excellent development skills in a wide array of software technologies.

mobile app ideas

However, some apps may only be available for download only from the Google Play store for Android phones and Apple’s App Store for iPhones and not on tablets. Nevertheless, aspiring mobile app developers in the US should be buoyed by the fact that there are hundreds of millions of mobile users in the country today. Hope this helps you in deciding which mobile application you can aim for and which idea excites you the most. We can make exciting mobile apps according to your requirements. This app shows ticket availability, arrival and departure times of buses, and other helpful data. So, instead of visiting bus stations physically, people can now book their bus tickets through mobile apps within minutes.

Startup App Investment Contests

There are many lucrative errand app ideas if you think of starting a similar on-demand business. Multiple industries have shifted to digitization and created their app concept for on-demand business ideas. Although, apps are easy to use and can look appealing if the mobile app development is done effectively. The app allows shoppers to add stuff to their cart during the month.

It is a well-established truth that logistics influences the conduct of several businesses globally. This becomes critical when considering how many entrepreneurs wish to expand their reach into new geographic areas. It is a sign that the transportation and logistics industry performs. According to Industry Research Future’s International Report, the e-wallet market is anticipated to grow at an 18% annual growth rate and will hit approximately $350 billion by 2023. From 2019 to 2026, the market is anticipated to expand at a 33% annual rate, reaching $598.2 billion in 2026.

mobile app ideas

Funding should be sought in different places and approached differently based on your app idea, funding needs, and stage. Let’s explore the types of investors for a startup you might encounter. The self-motivation app idea is perfect for anyone going through tough times, who needs an extra push to get started, or who enjoys sharing inspirational quotes on social media. Pregnancy helper mobile app is An app that provides pregnancy-related guidance and answers from professionals as part of a pregnancy help app idea. Additionally, expectant mothers can access a specific shopping segment.

Emergency Alert App

Young entrepreneurs in difficult situations can come to this forum-like app and discuss different strategies and techniques needed to create a successful business. Members of the band who are looking in to fill in a position- be it singer, drummer or the guitarist- they can find it here. Of course, musicians who want to join a band can search for different bands that are registered on the app can choose the ones they want to join.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it on Facebook or Twitter. One of the problems we all face when coming up with ideas is that we work within our own set of assumptions. You can only begin to think outside the box when you challenge these assumptions.

Your own market research can be as simple as asking 5 friends what they use their phone for most or a poll on your favourite social media site. The important thing is to gather solid information from reliable sources. Your research can be a lot less complicated than analyzing worldwide app downloads. Brian Wong came up with Kiip after doing some market research in the most basic way possible. While travelling onboard a plane, he checked the device screens of other passengers to see what they were doing.

The app can be used by people who want to try on things before buying them in a physical store or by those who prefer online shopping. Many people find it dull to shop in shopping malls and search for fashionable clothes. A virtual assistant considers a user’s style preferences, providing online assessment based on body composition and offering apparel that fits. This application allows for creating funny and interactive GIF pics from selfies. After the GIF is created, users can upload it to their smartphone and use it in social media.

mobile app ideas

This mobile app aims to stop data wastage using various data transfer channels available on smartphones to transfer files between people. It permits the users to send data all through multiple channels, such as Bluetooth. This mobile app tracks the location of a salesperson if his GPS is on.

The best examples of online education apps include our very own EduKool, Udemy, Khan Academy, and TED, to cite a few. If you are a person who favors sustainability, then this is a good application idea to develop. With the rise of Telehealth and Telemedicine apps during How to Create a Mobile App the pandemic, the healthcare sector is now set to witness Telepresence with the use of Metaverse. To make it more feature-rich, you can also provide users with yoga videos that can be downloaded so users can have offline accessibility as per their schedules.

Communication APPSTIRR’s solutions are built to solve challenges faced by businesses in communications industry. Customers want to explore a destination’s images while planning a trip to that place. So, it’s beneficial for travel companies to display the potential views of the destinations so the customers get a feel for them before visiting them. Travel apps are essential due to their features and functionality. They always give useful information to travelers both timely and conveniently. You can use these apps round-the-clock to get any details at any time, from anywhere.

Mental Health Apps

Sensitive information like credit/debit card details or account numbers is not shared. Nowadays, people look for love online, and that is the reason the global dating market is growing rapidly. Dating apps have made online dating much easier by connecting millions of lonely hearts. Even though there are so many dating apps available in the market, it would be worth pursuing the idea if you have a unique dating app concept.

Use one of the earlier idea generation techniques and see what needs to be tracked in your city/neighborhood. Perhaps public transport is never on time, and it would be worth following the location of buses or trams, or maybe people around you miss tracking their dogs? So the problem is to get the test done before the trip, and the need to find the test point quickly. You can already start building initial ideas for an application, for example, an app that shows what tests are needed in a given country and where to do them in the area on this basis.

mobile app ideas

You can easily book a taxi anywhere at any time using your mobile. The traveler can even track the vehicle before boarding and while riding also. Well, it’s our habit to compare the prices of one product everywhere we can, whether it’s online or offline shopping. So, why choose a time-consuming way when you have the easiest and convenient way to compare prices.

Mobile App Development Ideas 40 Best Mobile App Ideas

This community would be interesting for both users and businesses. Discount offers unavailable anywhere else could be a possible attraction for new audiences. Most of us would be happy to get a job somewhere nearby home not to waste much time for their commute every day, and that is especially true for megacity residents. You could build an app to show vacancies based on users’ location or select them for specific areas/streets. This is another way to use technology based on augmented reality. The user could try on appealing jewelry by uploading their photo in the application, and make a purchase decision based on the visualization.

How Much Does Your Time Cost?

Instead, you need to have a mobile application for your business that customers can easily download to their phones. Once your app is installed on the mobile phones of your customers, your job of reminding them about your business will become incredibly easy. We will provide a list of the 12 best educational mobile apps for students that can be innovative and scale better in the long run.

Consumers may use the fuel delivery app to obtain gas or fuel for their automobiles at their preferred location. These applications require minimal registration, and users can book online orders for gasoline delivery by giving their location wherever they want it delivered. Further, in the present pandemic, this is one of the advantageous and best as it can help people get rid of stress. By enabling students to learn online and distantly, eLearning and EdTech mobile applications are assisting in simplifying the educational process.

You can create an app for tourists visiting a city, region, province, or country. The app could include sights, booking services, transportation info, trip reviews, weather forecasts, and other useful content for tourists. Local tourist agencies are busy these days, as more people choose to avoid long-distance travel. For those looking for a good app idea, this means an opportunity. At some point, you can consider expanding your app to include microloans for small businesses.

As you develop the app, add extra features such as language translations, incorporate cue cards for quick revision of words learned, and a quiz to track progress. Even when we were students, it was quite hard to take interest in studies unless the subject was captivating to us. So, app ideas for college students must have educational games and quiz apps that can keep students engaged.

So it is suggested to contact the best ML development service to develop this kind of app. Finding a parking space in a high-density populated area is difficult for everyone. But like other things, if it becomes easy for them to search for a nearby parking space online, then it can solve their problem to a great extent. However, you can solve this issue of people looking for these kinds of traditional medical therapies. You must hire an app developer to develop a mobile healthcare app for conventional remedies. Telemedicine is a source of offering healthcare services to people who live in remote areas or far from the usual distance, which was not possible earlier.

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